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13 Essential Tools for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak

So I already have a Zombie Survival list/slash plan in place that me and a few friends worked out in high school. I figured i’d share this awesome infographic  first cause i love infographics and second to help my friends out there who have no plan in place. 13 Essential Tools for Surviving a Zombie Outbreakvia: REI


New laser will be powerful enough to rip apart space itself | DVICE


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30 Black & White Photos That Will Haunt Your Dreams


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Google Play store hits 25 billion download. Apps sale ensues!


Not much to say about this other then that might not last longer then a week. Thanks to the guys over at Android Central for putting the list together.

***Update Day 2 and 3 ***

Check out our list of Android

via:Android Central

Explore the ocean with Google Maps

Last week I got into a discuss on Facebook over a photo I posted about Apple users. I have no issue with Apple Users or anything like that. Also this discussion had nothing to do with iOS vs Android. I’ve wasted to much time having those discussion/arguments. Anyways my friend was making the claim that Apple is the best company in US history. Which I guess is just measured in the amount of money they have. I personally think a company is a lot more then the money they have. I think that that’s why I am such a big supporter of Google. I think its awesome that they have a boat load of free services. Yes they are probably tracking me and pushing ad’s that are more in tune with what I search but to be honest I don’t even give a shit. I appreciate the free service they are providing me. That being said I think that Google taking street view underwater so people can get an idea of what the great barrier reef looks like to be a great idea!

Printer Ink What it really costs

Printer Ink What it really costs

I worked at Staples for a few years and I used to joke with customers when they asked why the printer ink was so expensive. I would tell them it was made from unicorn blood.

NASA = Awesome!

I don’t really have much to say other then NASA is awesome! Look at the panorama’s from the rover. The site also has some links to other panorama’s. The one that Neil Armstrong filmed upon landing on the moon is pretty rad as well.

NASA = Awesome!

via: Gizmodo