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Google Play store hits 25 billion download. Apps sale ensues!


Not much to say about this other then that might not last longer then a week. Thanks to the guys over at Android Central for putting the list together.

***Update Day 2 and 3 ***

Check out our list of Android

via:Android Central


Explore the ocean with Google Maps

Last week I got into a discuss on Facebook over a photo I posted about Apple users. I have no issue with Apple Users or anything like that. Also this discussion had nothing to do with iOS vs Android. I’ve wasted to much time having those discussion/arguments. Anyways my friend was making the claim that Apple is the best company in US history. Which I guess is just measured in the amount of money they have. I personally think a company is a lot more then the money they have. I think that that’s why I am such a big supporter of Google. I think its awesome that they have a boat load of free services. Yes they are probably tracking me and pushing ad’s that are more in tune with what I search but to be honest I don’t even give a shit. I appreciate the free service they are providing me. That being said I think that Google taking street view underwater so people can get an idea of what the great barrier reef looks like to be a great idea!

When Larry met Sergey

When Larry met Sergey

So here’s another project that was sent to me from a team over at OnlinePHD.org, Some really interesting stuff on how Google got their start! Give it a look and then head over to the teams site let them know what you think. 

Be sure to click on the computers in the graphics gives detail on what Larry and Sergey were using for a equipment during the period. 


Google’s Next step in global domination. Ultra High speed Internet!

fiber_house[1] Last month Google told china to fuck off! This month they’re announcing their plans on building a Ultra High Speed broadband system in the United States. Promising speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second. It will be 100 times faster then most of the other ISP in the US. There reasoning for this is to help develop apps that run so fast that there’s no difference from them being on the web or actually installed on your computer. Also they plan on offering it pretty cheap in hopes of making other ISP’s have to lower there rates to compete. I fucking love it! Bravo Google!

Google plans on starting out the service with 50,000 people in their first trial then 500,000 in their second. You can go to there site and nominate your town to be in the trial but when I tried they were asking if I was involved in any groups or why I would be using it so I’m going to have to get back on them on that.  Anyways check out the video which goes into it a little more clearly I’m sure then myself.

By the way if anyone from Pawtucket wants to try and get ourselves nominated get in touch with me and lets come up with a plan!

Via: Google


Google DNS Helper, pretty usefull little app





Google DNS Helper offers you the chance to try out Googles Public DNS with no commitments. Which is pretty handy, I had switched my routers DNS  to Googles public DNS as soon as they released it. I ran with it for about a week, thinking that it had to be faster but It really wasn’t. So I went back. With Google DNS helper you don’t have to go through the bull shit I did with your router you can just download run and press the switch button. It also backs up your old DNS address so that you can easily switch back.

Check out this link to download the App.


Found some Google Nexus One videos Enjoy!


Google Nexus One

nexus_main_2[1] Good morning interweb how was your weekend? Crazy as I could imagine after Google On Friday handed out free phones to some of their employs. All weekend we been hearing about the Google Phone, which is built by HTC and called the Google Nexus One. Apparently this phone isn’t going to be sold by any carrier well at least for now, Google plans to offer it directly to consumers. The crazy thing about this phone is that its Unlocked and you should be able to use it with any GSM network (AT&T and T-mobile also pretty much any carrier in Europe. Perfect  when I need to call my avo in the motherland) It even has a little set up program to help you pick which plan you would like. The Phone is suppose to be released sometime in early 2010, Running a new version of Android 2.1 which apparently was completely designed by Google. (Unlike prior version that were only a little designed by Google haha I’m pretty sure I remember hearing the same thing about the version of Android on the Droid ).

Anyways the specs for the phone so far seem to be pretty bad ass

  • 1GHz Dragon processor
  • OLED Touch Screen
  • Dual Mic’s (Canceling out background noise)
  • Enhanced Voice-to-text (Prefect for us Rhode Islanders)


Via: Gizmodo