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Explore the ocean with Google Maps

Last week I got into a discuss on Facebook over a photo I posted about Apple users. I have no issue with Apple Users or anything like that. Also this discussion had nothing to do with iOS vs Android. I’ve wasted to much time having those discussion/arguments. Anyways my friend was making the claim that Apple is the best company in US history. Which I guess is just measured in the amount of money they have. I personally think a company is a lot more then the money they have. I think that that’s why I am such a big supporter of Google. I think its awesome that they have a boat load of free services. Yes they are probably tracking me and pushing ad’s that are more in tune with what I search but to be honest I don’t even give a shit. I appreciate the free service they are providing me. That being said I think that Google taking street view underwater so people can get an idea of what the great barrier reef looks like to be a great idea!


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