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Looking to have a interesting meal with people you just met? Grubwithus might just be the site for you.

Basically the idea behind this site is to have a social dinning experience. You start by visiting their site and picking three categories that interest you. The site then suggests a list of groups for your area. You choose which groups you want to dine with. From there you go through the sing up page which is only like 4 questions, unless you decide to link your Facebook account. Which is the route I chose to go down.  The site then displays the time of the next meal for the group. In my case I joined the Boston start-ups group, which unfortunately didn’t look like they had a meal scheduled. The site seems to be limited to major cities in the US so Im sure as more users join and create groups in different cities the selection of groups should improve, with selections getting closer to ones location.

You also have the ability to start your own groups and set up a meal. As of right now most of the groups that have been coming up for my location seem to be based out of Boston. Although when I logged into the main page it brought up my current location in Rhode Island. Looks like i might have to set up the first one for my area.

Anyways this site definitly looks like it could lead to a very interesting night, and maybe a chance to make some new friends and new connections. If your interested here is the link.


When Larry met Sergey

When Larry met Sergey

So here’s another project that was sent to me from a team over at OnlinePHD.org, Some really interesting stuff on how Google got their start! Give it a look and then head over to the teams site let them know what you think. 

Be sure to click on the computers in the graphics gives detail on what Larry and Sergey were using for a equipment during the period. 




White iPhones on T-mobile, and the dicking around with the idea of a triple boot phone.

So I just read a article on Boy genius report about a white iPhone built for T-mobile’s GSM network. I’m not really a fan of Apple products but my girlfriend will probably be pumped cause she thinks iphones are cool. Id much prefer a android phone but at this point I’m so sick of arguing for and against that I really don’t give a shit. What someone needs to do is build a phone I can test out different OS on for example a device that triple booted iOS, pure Android, (none of these UI crap) , Win Phone 7. That way I just have a super phone and it would be all sorts of awesome. I sure its got to be a possibility that there’s some computer wizard out there who has the chops to just be like fuck you phone I’m going to install whatever I want on you. I am not one of those wizards.  Also I am aware of the the methods to dual boot an Iphone with Android but from what I heard it’s a pain in the ass. Anyways if anyone does know of a way to get that working leave me a comment or send me a email.


The importance of laser backgrounds!


This is probably the coolest pictures I have ever seen. Not only does this dude have the coolest haircut ever  but he loves cats which I can relate with. I’m a cat lover as well and I only wish I had thought of bringing  my cat Binks, to my senior portrait. Below I have gathered together a collection of some of my favorite laser background photos, for your enjoyment!