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White iPhones on T-mobile, and the dicking around with the idea of a triple boot phone.

So I just read a article on Boy genius report about a white iPhone built for T-mobile’s GSM network. I’m not really a fan of Apple products but my girlfriend will probably be pumped cause she thinks iphones are cool. Id much prefer a android phone but at this point I’m so sick of arguing for and against that I really don’t give a shit. What someone needs to do is build a phone I can test out different OS on for example a device that triple booted iOS, pure Android, (none of these UI crap) , Win Phone 7. That way I just have a super phone and it would be all sorts of awesome. I sure its got to be a possibility that there’s some computer wizard out there who has the chops to just be like fuck you phone I’m going to install whatever I want on you. I am not one of those wizards.  Also I am aware of the the methods to dual boot an Iphone with Android but from what I heard it’s a pain in the ass. Anyways if anyone does know of a way to get that working leave me a comment or send me a email.



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