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Schools Spying on their students and my feelings about it!

So this video isn’t very funny but It brings up a good point. Why the fuck would schools ever need to be spying on there students thru their webcams. That really creeps me out to think about. Like really why the fuck would anyone be cool with this idea, other then fucking pedophilias. I’m sure there was some kind of meeting on this before it went down, at least someone talking to a tech telling them what they had to do. I don’t know this is just retarded shit, if schools really want to help kids they should work out deals with facebook and say Blackboard the online thing (I don’t know what else to call it other then a thing i guess its would be a homework/test content manger of some sort. ) anyways ya they should work out a deal so that I could just do my homework while I’m on facebook. It would be beautiful, it could notify me when I had homework and a test due or some shit. Anyways I’m going to write some emails maybe I can get the ball rolling.



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