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Google’s Next step in global domination. Ultra High speed Internet!

fiber_house[1] Last month Google told china to fuck off! This month they’re announcing their plans on building a Ultra High Speed broadband system in the United States. Promising speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second. It will be 100 times faster then most of the other ISP in the US. There reasoning for this is to help develop apps that run so fast that there’s no difference from them being on the web or actually installed on your computer. Also they plan on offering it pretty cheap in hopes of making other ISP’s have to lower there rates to compete. I fucking love it! Bravo Google!

Google plans on starting out the service with 50,000 people in their first trial then 500,000 in their second. You can go to there site and nominate your town to be in the trial but when I tried they were asking if I was involved in any groups or why I would be using it so I’m going to have to get back on them on that.  Anyways check out the video which goes into it a little more clearly I’m sure then myself.

By the way if anyone from Pawtucket wants to try and get ourselves nominated get in touch with me and lets come up with a plan!

Via: Google



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