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How to try out Spotify online music player!


So today I was able to sign up for Spotify music service, which is based out of Luxembourg. The idea is pretty simple; it’s pretty much like every other online music player except it saves songs for offline play which is pretty neat. Also if you actually live in Europe you can pay for the premium membership which gives you access to a mobile phone app that streams your music to your phone. If you have been to Spotify website and you’re from the US you’re going to get turned away, because the company has yet to work out a deal with music providers in the states, fuck those assholes people are actually coming up with legit ways of supplying us music which we would have otherwise pirated you fucking retards. Any who since you can only sign up being from Europe this can be a pickle luckily I found this sweet article written by the good folk at Tech Crunch and in three steps you also can join from anywhere in the world.

Invite yourself from anywhere:

1) Go to http://www.daveproxy.co.uk/

2) Enter the following URL: https://www.spotify.com/en/get-started/

3) Create your account, for UK postcode – check http://www.postcodesearch.org.uk/

That should pretty much do it enjoy!

Via: Tech Crunch


2 Responses

  1. Maybe you should try out http://spotifyonline.co.cc. It just works for me! Awesome to listen to music with the browser. It even works as a remote controller from my iphone, i can listen to music in my iPhone or on the mediacenter !

    • o thanks i’ll check it out. I been using groove shark which seems to do pretty much the same thing and also has a app.

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