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Military Tech wasting the big bucks and forgetting the little things! Its the American way.

12-17-09predator[1] So yesterday I found this interesting story but was slacking so i never got around too posting it (I know terrible but shit happens). According to the Wall Street journal, Iraqi insurgents have been using a $26 Russian program called SkyGrabber to hack into Predator drones live video feeds. The Predators apparently transmits video over a unencrypted link. What makes this worse is that Pentagon officials have known about this since the early 90’s but never figured that insurgents would learn how to exploit it. You fucking retards!  Its hard to believe you fuckers aren’t all on drugs.


On a lighter Raytheon is building this sweet iphone app for soldiers in the field.


It shows friends and foes in real time over maps of the battlefield. The App works like this according to Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems’ CTO J smart.

This is hypothetical, but if there is a building with known terrorist activities, it could automatically be pushed to the phone when the soldiers get near that area. If there was another platoon that was supposed to arrive, and they were delayed, or ahead of schedule, you could adapt your plan. If one of the units you are counting on is redirected, you know that in real time.”

Also he mentions that the app can be used for police,firemen, and emergency services. The post on Gizmodo also mentioned that Raytheon was build a ruggedized case that included a larger battery and a special scrambler that will secure communication with other military units. (Good job Raytheon!)



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  1. yeah thats fake, try doin some research there bud

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