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Google Nexus One

nexus_main_2[1] Good morning interweb how was your weekend? Crazy as I could imagine after Google On Friday handed out free phones to some of their employs. All weekend we been hearing about the Google Phone, which is built by HTC and called the Google Nexus One. Apparently this phone isn’t going to be sold by any carrier well at least for now, Google plans to offer it directly to consumers. The crazy thing about this phone is that its Unlocked and you should be able to use it with any GSM network (AT&T and T-mobile also pretty much any carrier in Europe. Perfect  when I need to call my avo in the motherland) It even has a little set up program to help you pick which plan you would like. The Phone is suppose to be released sometime in early 2010, Running a new version of Android 2.1 which apparently was completely designed by Google. (Unlike prior version that were only a little designed by Google haha I’m pretty sure I remember hearing the same thing about the version of Android on the Droid ).

Anyways the specs for the phone so far seem to be pretty bad ass

  • 1GHz Dragon processor
  • OLED Touch Screen
  • Dual Mic’s (Canceling out background noise)
  • Enhanced Voice-to-text (Prefect for us Rhode Islanders)


Via: Gizmodo


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