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So I got bored yesterday so I built this thing!

                                                                                                                                                                      Iphone2 034

So yesterday i got bored and I was moving something near my Xbox and I was like wow this thing is putting off some heat. So I was thinking of the best way i could vent the hot air out and do it cheap. This is  what I came up with.



Step 1: I found and old computer case fan. An also a old USB cable.

Step 2: I cut the ends off both the USB cable and the fan.

Step 3:Twisted the both reds together then both black wires.

Iphone2 036


Once your done with that tape up the whole thing as so. Then your pretty much good to go. Plug that bitch into your Xbox 360 and you got yourself a cheap way of vent the hot air away from your consol.

 Iphone2 033


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