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Shit happens! Get a NAS

340x_NAShowto_syno494[1] So  I was over at Gizmodo today, and they had this awesome post about NAS’s(Networked attached storage)  and how to set up the best solution for yourself. You might be wondering what does this matter to me, well if you have a large collection of media as I do you want to save that  somewhere else other then on your computer just in case the shit hits the fan as it usually does. That’s where a NAS would come in which is basically a system on your network  that you use to store stuff  that just sits on your network kinda like a network printer except it holds all your shit. The post had something for all price ranges. Me being a broke ass college kid, if its free its for me. Which will most likely be the FreeNAS, but check out the post and see if there’s something for you.  Also if you don’t want to build anything or just looking for a real cheap solution without much configuration check out this other Gizmodo post on the Addonics’ MIni NAS





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