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Dell Zino HD: Mini Home Theater PC for $260

500x_inspiron-zino-hd-design1[1]  So this looks like a awesome little computer.  I got to give i up to Dell since back in the day  they have been putting out quality at a great price. On top of that I would say Dells are like my favorite computer to repair. They’re like the Toyota of computers. Anyways moving on this new Mini Home theater pc went on sale today and it really makes me wish I wasn’t a poor college student so that I could buy one. For a little computer with a small price tag it sure has a lot of features.

  • Its going to run AMD Athlon X2 & Athlon Neo X2
  • Single 1 TB hard drive
  • Room for up to 8 GB of RAM
  • You can choose between Integrated graphics or ATI Radon HD 4330 512MB
  • Optional BlueRay Drive
  • Optional TV tuner

Inspiron Zino HD



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