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Dan Deacon at Machines with Magnets

dan_deacon[1] So last night I went to see Dan Deacon and a few other bands that I had never heard. At this art gallery/Recording studio called Machines with Magnets in good old Pawtucket Rhode Island . Which I must say is a pretty sweet venue, it does look like a old house from the outside but  inside it was pretty chill. To tell you the truth I only heard of Dan Deacon not to long ago maybe a month at the most and only found out about the show because I happened to post one of his songs up on facebook and my buddy Cory informed me that he was going to be playing. So thank you Cory. As for the show I haven’t had that good of a time at show in a while. Not that I haven’t been going to good shows just happened to get really into it last night and was dancing my ass off! Also the crowd participation was great at one point he had the whole crowd do a interpretive dance.


 This picture is actually of Nuclear Power pants

If your interested in giving Dan a listen click the link below

The Crystal Cat

Offical Web Site


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