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Keep this shit up and I’ll have to stop being a online pirate!- Tuberadio.fm

So I was surfing the web on this fine evening, when I came across this awesome new website called tuberadio.fm. TubeRadio is basically just like Groovershark a online music player, which is completely free and easy to use, it uses youtube as its source for music allowing you to search and play music easily and then make your own playlists it also  has a boat load of features.  Everything from Similar artists, to lyrics. After using it for like 10 minutes I was pretty much ranting to my friends on Facebook that they need to drop everything and start using it. Honestly if there were more sites like this and grooveshark I would  stop having to illegally download shit and I’m sure so would a lot more people.

Check out the video its a quick how-to and get you familiar with its features




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