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DROID ERIS by HTC Verizons second phone in the Droid line comes out today for $99


So I’m not going to lie, I’m  pretty bummed out today. Why you ask? Why is because I’m a Iphone owner stuck at AT&T for another year, and today is the release of  Motorola’s Droid which looks amazing well more so Android 2.0 looks amazing. Also  I was on Gizmodo and I see this phone. Yes people your eyes are correct another Droid phone being released  for Verizon on the same day and for 100 bucks cheaper. Not that this phone is going to be amazing but  for $99 you get a solid phone.  Some of its features include:

  • 5mp Camera
  • 3.2 inch Multi-touch screen
  • Android 1.5 built in but will later be able to upgrade to 2.0( which is sick)
  • Head Phone jack which I find to be a very important feature
  • $99 bucks 2 year contract

Check out Verizon Wireless if your interested


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