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Formal Action’s Halloween Bash


So I hate Mondays I don’t know if anyone’s noticed that I don’t usually get anything up here till late or if at all. I need some time to work the daze out of my system.

So Friday I went down  to good old Narragansett home of the Rhode Island Rams and the biggest population of people from New Jersey on the east coast other then New Jersey itself. So there I was  to see two of my favorite local bands. Roz Raskins and the RiceCakes and Formal Action. I’ve written about Roz Raskins and the RiceCakes before probably like a month ago or maybe less.Anyways they put on a awesome show as usual but today I’m going to write about Formal Action.

Friday wasn’t the first time I had seen Formal Action play but definitely the best performance I have seen, they recently got a new drummer Cory Giliard (who I actually meet for the first time last night,)but  they sound like they had all been playing together for years. Matt DeCosta  the lead singer & guitarist played with a showmanship that reminds me of olds school acts from back in the day. When people didn’t just try and stand and look cool with there instruments but would go nuts and put on a show.  (no one smashes guitars no more i don’t get it ) . Formal Action currently has a album out called Life On the Rocks, which you can pick up from them at their shows or on there MySpace there’s a list of  locations. They have been recording a new album called Majesticon which should be out soon.

Check out Formal Actions Myspace

Below are some pictures from the show that my buddy Paul Medeiros took.

Here’s a link to his Musical Project

rozricecakes 10953_541609408769_52805285_32044515_6861330_n


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