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New Xbox update to include all the social networking you can handle!!!

So i been hearing a few things about Xboxes next update. First off its going to to lock out third party memory units, which is a mother fucker! I got two Xboxes and one of them sucks and wont even open the disc tray so I was going to use that one to stream my media center too but now I got to buy a legit hard drive fuckin assholes. Moving on the update will also include social networking out the the wazoo! Facebook, Twitter, Last.Fm o my. Yes people that’s right all your favorite social networks on your Xbox 360, I know life is good. Here are some of the features.

  • The twitter app only shows four tweets at a time (pretty lame)
  • Facebook makes you skim thru updates one by one like cover flow in iTunes which is also sounds like it will suck.
  • Last.fm only lets you play music while being in the app no playing in the background.
  • The Zune Video Market Place has instant streaming in 1080p which is pretty cool.

Here are some pictures of what it’ll look like.


And some videos to go along why not:

via:Gizmodo & Kotaku


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