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Android 2.0 looking good!

Good morning everyone! So were off to the beginning of another week with some news on Google Android 2.0 eclair. Some new screen shots were released and Gizmodo had a really good review of  the phone.


Some of the upgrades key feature are:

  • Runs as fast as the 3GS
  • Facebook Friends are intergraded right into the contact system.
  • Voice control  scattered through the whole system even gets its own dedicated dashboard
  • Upgraded version of Google Maps, with layer support
  • Unified email inbox, for joining of multiple accounts
  • A Youtube homescreen widget, which enables two-click uploads
  • A “ Car Home” app offers larger shortcuts for functions you might need while driving, as well as easy access to voice control

On another note Verizon’s first Android phone will likely be released in the coming months and should run come running Android 2.0 right out the box. Heres a video of the damn thing booting up for your viewing pleasure.

Via: Gizmodo


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