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Whos really is Rhode Islands premier cover band?

So i recently came to the conclusion that Rhode Islanders love cover bands more than any other state. I have no facts to back this up but its at least that’s the case in my circle of friends, we fuckin love em!  Yet there’s a problem each claims to be Rhode Island premier cover band, to tell you the truth  I don’t even know what that means premier cover band. What the fuck are you talking about you play at bars where i can buy pitchers of beer for 5 dollars, there’s nothing premier about that. Anyway I’m writing this post so that I can get some participation from my readers and let’s have us a little vote who is the most premier cover band in Rhode Island??

World Premier

Felix Brown

Dancing Nacys

What Matters

Mix Tape(coundnt find a link)


6 Responses

  1. felix brown for sure

  2. I also vote for Felix Brown and I have only seen them once. Mixed Tape is okay. Dancing Nancy’s you have to be in the mood for. What Matters is pretty good. World Premier band is a whole entertainment express. They’re all good, all different. I would throw Band MLC who plays at rira a lot into the mix as well. Dick N Jane Band, who often plays at Johnny’s Atlantic Beach Club is EXCELLENT.

  3. You are Forgetting Dr. Slick…Check them out..they blew my mind

    • Hey Kyle,

      Thanks for the addition, I actually stopped maintaining this blog in like 09. So thats probably why Dick N Jane were not added.

      Anyways have a good one.

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