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Finland becomes first country to make Internet access a legal right!

internet_users_world_map[1] I got to say i think this is pretty great. I’d love to live in a country where you have to have the internet or you get in trouble, haha it kind of makes me laugh to think about.  Any who this is all going into effect in July 2010, when northern European telecommunication companies have to supply all of Finland’s 5.2 million citizens with internet connection that runs at speeds of at least 1 megabit per second. The country aims to to have speeds up too 100 megabits by 2015. The United Nations has also been getting into the game by trying to push to make Internet access a human right. While France, its highest court declared such access a human right back in June. The United States  on the other hand is the only industrialized nation without a national policy to promote high-speed broadband, apparently 46%  of rural households do not subscribe to broadband. were slacking hardcore.

2072042724_5d2b540539[1] Via: CNN


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