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Goolge Wave released to 100,000 for testing, and I wasnt one of them bummer!!!

Yesterday Google invited about 100,000 lucky user to try out there new product Google Wave. If anyone remembers a few months back my buddies over at NONE.FUCKS.GIVEN wrote a kick ass review of wave.  That I linked over to.  Google’s whole view on Wave is that it’s what Email would have been like if it were invited today.  Some of the features are straight up crazy my favorite one in particular has to be Ribbit which is a gadget that allows for conference calls while a groups  works on a common project or Wave. Any who it should be a few months before Wave is released to the general public, till then I’m sure developers will come up with even more craziness  for use in wave till then I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Check out the video for a in depth review from the Google folks who actually built Wave.

via: Lifehacker

UPDATE : New video that helps explain wave a little better


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