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Its 2010 get with the times dick head!


So it’s been like a month since I’ve written anything on here. As I posted earlier I have been really busy with school and end of the summer activities even tried surfing, but now the days are getting shorter the leaves are starting to fall from the trees and I got me some free time. So back to the good old blog and to bringing all you people that I set your homepage to my blog something new to look at other than that creepy picture of Pop Eye my bad about that everyone.  Didn’t think it would be my last post for like a month.

Moving on the last few weeks I’ve had this crazy thought in my head. Well not really crazy but just weird I been stuck on the idea that it’s almost 2010 actually it pretty much is 2010 and the weird thing is this is what I expected 2010 to be like technology wise. I’m glad I live in a world of net books iphones and just crazy technology. The best part is that it isn’t,  like over the edge like If u had ask me back in 1991 what I thought the future was going to be like I would have drawn in crayon since I was only 5 something that probably resembled the Jetsons.  Instead our world is full of flat screens, touch displays, cars that parks for you, tubes that shoot particles at other particles and so on and so forth. The thing that bugs me about all this is that in all the innovation that we have seen in the last 20 even 10 years, you would have thought someone would have came up with a better way to fax something to someone. Faxing shit I’m pretty sure has been around since the late 70’s maybe even a little earlier probably around the time of the first Star Wars release,   also another thing that bugs me is that people still have house phones and shit. What the fuck mother fuckers barely answer their cell phones what’s the point of having a house phone. I guess it’s to keep those fax lines open.  The reason I guess I been so annoyed about faxing things is because I was recently asked to fax something to National Grid, When I asked the lady if there was any other way of getting what she needed to her other then fax she told me no. Like what the fuck! If anyone agrees disagrees has another thing that they feel annoyed by let me know maybe I’ll interview you or something probably not but we can hang out and discuss it over pizza and beer.


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  1. i love how you wrote this!! very creative!!

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