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Google Chrome OS, how google plans on taking over the world.

Good morning everyone! So I  got some big news coming out of Google’s corner of the universe . On their official blog today they announced that they will be working on a new Operating system named Google Chrome OS. Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight OS, initially it will be targeted at netbooks. Netbooks running the new OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010.

Googles main goal with this new OS is to provide speed, simplicity, and security for its users. The OS will run on x86 chips ( basically most computers) and ARM chips (Most cell phones and netbooks) The Google Chrome OS will initially run on  a linux kernel or shell, with its own window system. Which is pretty cool to see what they develop most of us are used to windows explore or something pretty similar.

Google is going in a direction with its apps which i think its pretty fucking awesome and getting everyone ready for cloud computing while doing so . Basically whats up here is that the OS will run only online apps, and any online app will automatically run in the system as if its already installed also any new apps for the OS can be created in the programmers favorite web language, Java, Flash, PHP…….. Also the beauty of building apps for the Chrome OS is that they can be used across platforms be it Windows, Mac, or Linux getting to the most people possible.Also about the whole cloud computing thing it would be awesome if google could somehow set up its OS so that when I log on with my Google account it will automatically load up my personal configuration on whatever computer I maybe at, truly maing it the first personal OS devoted to cloud computing.

I cant wait for the beta version to be released I think this is a awesome idea by google that will catch on quickly with people. Till then i’ll keep you updated once I find out more or if Im lucky enough to get a beta version to dick around with.

Via: Official Google Blog


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