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Google wants to make the internet faster!

Hey everyone sorry I haven’t written anything in like 2 days was pretty hung over the other day and then was really busy yesterday and on top of it had a unfortunate series of stupid moves on my behalf the other night at 4 in the morning resulting in both my main computers having to be reinstalled. Anyways Its always good to see a new video from google usually there about actually things that they have in the works like Google Wave or Google Voice both which seem to be amazing new products/ideas, but also bringing up the question of is google going to have there hands in to much of my shit? They basically want to have all your emails and conversations logged in Wave and all your phonecall messages and text conversations saved on there servers in Voice. I myself dont even care I figure that they have to so much going on in there servers how the hell would they monitor it and on top of that google is fucking loaded no body is going to tell google they have to hand over user data (hopefully no one)  Anyways getting back to the topic about Google wanting to make the internet faster in the abovc video they have a bunch of guys pretty much just talking about things they want to do which i found strange usually they have videos on actually products that there working on but this one just seems to be a bunch of dudes just talking I think were going to see some amazing things from google in the next few years I wish they would give me job.


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  1. This is unrelated but thanks for linking me on your website!

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