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Iphone 3.0 upgrade

So I updated my iPhone to OS 3.0 today and I got to say I’m pretty impressed, and all the hype was definitely worth it. The one thing I would say sucks is the the fact that I can’t send MMS, but that’s all AT&T fault at the moment. Lets  run through some of the cooler features that I have messed around with so far this post will most likely be updated in the next few days as I find new things.

  • Copy and Paste My favorite feature so far is has to be the copy and paste. To be honest I thought it was pretty stupid that this wasnt a feature on the first iphone. Its been a feature on computers since like forever and since these smart phones are pretty much faster then my first computer (compaq presario) you would have thought they would have thrown it in before being able to say have your phone tell which direction its being held. Its going to be nice to copy and paste links to my friends finally

  • MMS Im almost ashamed to tell my friends that the the Iphone doesnt do MMS till now! Well more like till Apple gets that working for everyone. I dont get how a cellular company whos trying to sell one of the most innovative gadgets ever created has anticipated the release of this feature and prepared its network like WTF! I pay $100 a month and I cant do something a decent prepaid could handle (boys and girls going to college for business this is a move you dont pull if your trying to stay competitive)
  • Landscape Keyboard Very cool feature and I cant say a damn thing bad about it. I love how I can send texts the long way Good Job!
  • Spotlight Search I like this feature alot. Makes finding things on my phone like super easy as the name implies its just a search of your phone u can get to it very quickly tho using the center button.
  • Voice Memos I was able to record things before this update came out using a third party app but its nice that apple went and made us a nice pretty one. I also feel like this app uses the built in mic pretty well cause it sounded alot louder then the thirdparty app.
  • Shaking your phone Will now undo typing, and in a playlist it will shuffle the songs and pick a new one pretty handing.

So these have been a few of the cooler features that I have messed around with since updating if anyone has any others they would like to add leave a comment or contact me!

Check out the link for more info


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