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Apple announces the Iphone 3GS

Gizmodo – iPhone 3GS Complete Feature Guide – apple iphone 3gs.

So today Apple announced the next version of their Iphone called the 3GS. The S standing for speed it reportedly 4 times faster in most task then the 3G. Its data speeds are also faster at 7.2 mbps. It has a new camera that supports 3 megapixel. Also allowing tap-to-focus feature and a auto white balance. Another pretty kick ass feature about the camera is that it will support 30fps vga video recording with builin editing. Also all applications will be able to access the camera, and it will support photo and video geotagging. Another pretty awesome feature they have now is a new built in compass which will add which direction your actually facing on the maps app, which in my opinion is a great feature. Also there’s a new battery that has 5 hours of talk time and 9 hours of over wifi internet use. Some of the most surprising features was the ability to hold down the center button enabling voice control of the phone to make calls or control itunes.  Im not going to lie im fucking pissed off right now. I cant even really talk this new phone up like its awesome but since i bought my iphone 6 months ago for $200 it will now drop down to $99 so ya thanks Apple you fucking cock suckers. Like I love my iphone but this is fucking bullshit im def going to move over to android eventually.


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