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New Cloud Type Discovered?

PICTURES: New Cloud Type Discovered?.

This apparently new class of clouds is still a mystery. But experts suspect asperatus clouds’ choppy undersides may be due to strong winds disturbing previously stable layers of warm and cold air.

Good morning world! So I had a pretty busy week with my finals at good old NEIT, so I didn’t have much time to post up new things also didn’t really see anything to awesome to share. Till the stumbleupon Gods were good enough to grace me with this awesome picture of this cloud. I know I usually write about tech stuff but come on look at that fucking picture that’s awesome! Also putting the call out if anyone wants to get involved on this blog let me know, we got somethings in the works like TonyDeeno’s concert calender that didn’t want to display right in the page (probably fix that today actually) and also juice’s movie reviews which he hasn’t updated in a few weeks. Everyone should leave him a comment so he is encourage him to write something and give us more gems like “To let Brett direct the third and final installment of this developing saga was like having another man finish your wife off in the sack, before you could bust your sticky goodness all over her spent face. “


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