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Songbird’s iPod Add-On Deleting Music— Disable the add-on NOW!

IPods: Songbird’s iPod Add-On Deleting Music—Uninstall It Now.

So this really sucks to hear! Songbird is a great music player its a real bummer, apparently its ipod add-on isnt working right and deleting music off your ipod.  I havent really used the add on in a while. Basically since i got my Iphone and have yet to find a better program to control it. Which sucks cause itunes really blows lately like I really enjoy the genius playlit and the new Dj thing is cool but it runs slow like a bitch. Anyways back to songbird I have been using that lately on my linux box and its still has been working great so I wouldnt worry if your just using it to play you music . And if you do use it for your ipod you can sit tight for a fix or check out ephpod.


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