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Iphone 3.0 due out this summer!

So today Apple released it upcoming features for its next update to its iphone. I must say Ive very impressed. There are reportedly 100 new features. Heres a little info on some of the more impressive features.

  • Copy and paste

This seemed to be the most wanted feature and most rumored and Im really pumped about it. So apparently its as easy as double taping the word and a copy and past window thing will open and give you the option of copying, double tap again and you get a window to paste. And say you want to delete what you’ve copied you just have to shake the phone.

(You can also copy and paste photos in a similar fashion.)

  • MMS messaging

This feature is actually what I was looking forward to the most. Its actually a pretty basic feature on todays smart phones, but for some reason Apple left it out on the last two version. What it lets you do is send pictures, sound files, and even vcards. What i really like is the ability to be able to get to my contact info into my text messages for example adding a friends number to a text.

  • Landscape Keyboard

Is going to be enable in email text, and Im pretty certain everywhere else. which is going to be great cause its just that much easier.

  • Turn by Turn directions

I think this is going to be awesome, not that the direction system that they have now is bad at all but it would be pretty sweet while driving.

  • Use Iphone/Itouch as a remote controll for devices

You will also be able to control your radom devices with your phone or touch

So ya those are the features im most excited about. Check out this link for a full round up from Gizmodo


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