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Dell launches inkless printer – The Inquirer

Dell launches inkless printer – The Inquirer.

So the crazy  dudes over at dell and friends have come up with a pretty awesome thing here. It would be pretty kick ass to be able to print a picture anytime I wanted right off my phone. It would make things alot easier. All in all tho from the desription on The Inquirer theres no ink invovled just some crystals in the paper that get activated from heat.  And how havent we thought of that till now haha! Well how ever there making this crazy tech work good for them for rasing the bar for shit.   To be honest tho I got a feeling something like this is going to be pretty expensive so I doubt i’ll waste the money on cystal laced paper. Anyways heres a link to the companys site that build these crazy things for dell.  Zink


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