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Top 10 Happy Hour Hacks

Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Happy Hour Hacks.

And this is the reason why Lifehackers is the tits. Another fucking kick ass post. As you can tell from the title it’s all about cutting loose and kicking it, and they have the tips for ya. So give it a lookies i promise you wont be disappointed. Since we are on the topic of happy hour hacks lets share some of are own. I personally went a few weeks were I would forget my credit card at a bars not on purpose but out of being a drunk retard in the morning when I would check my balence it would show a charge from the bar but usually without a tip added to the total. Yes I understand thats not cool cause i kinda fucked the bartender out of a tip but at the same time  in my defense its not like I did it on purpose and in the long run it probably wont work since I have to drive back to the bar just to get my card back. So wasting the gas and my time probably outweights the 5 dollar tip I would have given. So lets hear it! If anyone has any nice happy hour hacks lets hear them.

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