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Interesting night in Providence

So last night I was out with my buddies in Providence  and we were doing some bar hoping when we came across this bar called Tazza.A few friends had told me some things about it and they seemed to be having a dance party so we were like fuck it lets check it out. When we walked in there were like 6 people in there, so we decided to leave. As we were leaving some fucking ass hole at the door started to call us fags and that we had to leave cause we were underage. To be honest I didnt really know what was going on at first cause I was pretty drunk. But when I realized what was happening I was pretty fucking pissed luckily for that kid I wasn’t drinking whiskey last night cause I would have gone nuts on that piece of shit. Regardless what kind of establishment hires fucking dick heads who drive customers away. The last time I checked the point was to get people in your bar and have them buy booze. Anyways I wrote a email to the owners about the whole issue to see what they say once I get a response Ill post it up on the blog. I definitely don’t recommend Tazza to anyone reading this blog.


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