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Down and dirty screenprinting for under 10$

down and dirty screenprinting for under 10$.

So i just found this on stumbleupon and it looks pretty kick ass!  I  personally love the idea of having my own original Tee for everyday of the week. I’d be ballin, haha. I think my design would be Just a bucket and the letters RI underneth. I wonder how many of those I could sell in my neighborhood,  more likely I’ll probably use this method to make tee-shirts for this website Im working on but it would be cool to hear some of your ideas on tee shirts. Shit if you get baked enough to try this sometime soon send me some pictures,  I’ll put them up. Maybe have a little contest with a faboulos prize. Which i will not dsclose at this time for the shear fact of on the edge of youe seat excitement so let some ideas simmer on he back burner and we’ll see where we can take this.


2 Responses

  1. dude lets spitball some ideas and make it happen

  2. sounds like a plan to me man what are you doing this weekend?

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