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Sorry i took a few days off.

So i havent posted in a few days been kinda busy and havent really had anything striking i wanted to share but i got some exciting news well im pumped about it at least. The blog has gotten over 500 hits in less then 2 months which is pretty awesome I give a big thanks to my girlfriend who goes and checks it out all the time cause well shes my girlfriend, and my cousin who I set his homepage to the blog site cause whats wrong with some shameless promotion anyways I got some new stuff to put up and i got to get to the Iphone app section soon just kinda alot to pick the best from. Might have a few friends do a vote with me. Also I had a crazy Idea today what if someone were to go a few days without talking but only being able to communicate with there iphone or there phone would it be easier? I might have to try this out If i do Ill let you know.


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