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What you want to know about Bittorrents

(This is a updated post from www.thefuzzyechoproject.com)

So I have a lot of friends who have been asking me a lot of questions about bit torrents lately. So I decided i’d write a little how-to for beginners. I’ll write it for windows because thats what most of my friends are using.

First of all

Your going to need a download a program, called utorrent. Utorrent is a download client like Napster or Limewire. Torrents actually work in a very similar way that those older network sharing programs work. The difference here tho is that your connecting to a whole lot more people and getting what you want a whole lot faster. Utorrent is also a free program it can be downloaded here www.utorrent.com.

Step 1 Downloading and setting up the Program

Once you’ve downloaded the file and installed the program.
The programs is going to bring up its set-up wizard on the programs first load. This is really easy to set up but I’ll add some screen shots to help ya figure it out.

First read Step 1 thats on the Speed guide its going to ask you to run the speed test, which you do. For most people reading this im assuming your my friends or someone who may know me so that means your from Rhode Island so your going to want to run the speed test for the closest server which is going to be New York.

When thats done, its going to report to you your upload connection speed, when you get that number your going to go back to the program and go to the connection type and find the one closest to your speed..

Now your ready to go to the next step of the speed guide

which is checking to see if theres a port open on your router for the traffic thats going to be coming and going. This is pretty easy- just press the link button and wait for it load your browser and see what happens this works for the most part but if u were to have a problem, there should be a help direction on the error page you’d get. Also if it doesnt work and you just move on it will eventually run thro puts till if finds a open one. So dont worry if its not working on the first run.

On ward to the last step of the speed guide which is enabling encryption for the most part you don’t need to check this box. If your a Comcast customer you might as well, since they are a bunch of wankers who want to ruin the fun of the internet.

(During the winter when I was still living with my parents we had Comcast and whenever I downloaded a torrent my whole network would slow to a crawl, maybe it was a bottleneck in my network or maybe it was just Comcast attempts at internet traffic shaping. Either way since I have moved out and gotten Cox, I’ve had no problems.)

Step 2: Finding torrents online

So now that you have the program up and running at its best connection speed, your ready to find some torrents. There are two places I really go to. The first one would be the http://www.piratebay.org these guys are based out of Sweden I believe and there fucking kicking ass. They were down for a while last year because of some court issues but now they’re back with a great collection of torrents.

Another really good site is http://www.nowtorrents.com. Nowtorrents is sweet because it searches a bunch of different torrent sites then gives you the best of the internet, but when looking for older movies its not as good.

Step 3: Downloading your torrent

So now that you know where to find torrents, you need to know what torrents to download. Whenever you search for a torrent file, you want to download the torrent with the most seeds. There is usually a part that shows how many people are seeding and how many people are leaching, which is just people downloading that file. So the main rule to remember is the higher the seeds the faster the download. Also remember that your download speed also depends on the how much you share. Its a give take relationship, not just a take take take, Anywho that pretty much it. Enjoy.


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