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How to stick it to Apple!

So I was at my friends house at this little get together, not many people maybe 8 or so and a bunch of us are standing around this table and we all notice three of the 8 of us have the Iphone which is pretty cool cause its a awesome phone but kinda weird also.So it came to my attention theres some people out there who might be wondering how to get there own videos and ringtones on there phone so I decided to put together a little how to on just that. Ok lets start with the easiest part. Head over to www.mobile17.com and sign up for a account. Then its pretty much straight forward from there

1. up load the song file u want to make a ringtone out.

2.choose where in the song you want to record you got 40 seconds which is pretty long

3. you press send and wait for the email that contains your new ringtone file which will upload right to itunes, or if u dont feel like waiting you can pay, but i have seen a hack for this to fool the counter but i have since lost the link

So now on to the fun stuff. head over to Videora Iphone 3G Converter download page  here.

Now download yourself the latest verison and install .

You should be at a main screen that looks like this. the homepage tumbnail.

In the top left corner there is a link thats say video you click on there.

For beginners I’d go with basic and just click convert go make yourself a sandwich smoke a bowl whatever it may be then come back in 20 mins and you should have a video file ready for your itunes.



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