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Hey everyone out there

Hey everyone i know its been a while but i been busy with stuff. the month july wasnt my best month got fired then arrested and a whole bunch of other shit. After living the dream for the last week of july of just chillen in my apartment all day smokin weed and going out all night. I start of this new month on a new foot. Although I had a great time during my time off but I started to feel very restless sometimes and I think it was just me thinking I need to get back to work which I have and I like my new job I think its gong to be a fun place ot work and its going to be good to work around my schedule for the fall. But ya so the Fuzzyecho project is rolling, Also one of the things I did while I sat around smoked pot for a week I worked on The fuzzyecho project. It was really more me learnin how to use drupal, which is a awesome picece of software or whatever ever it maybe ( im pretty sure its software) theres so much that can do but it does take alot of fucking around and googling answers but its worth it in the end. Also the other day I saw a article about building your own ubuntu verison which preinstalls everything you want too, there was also one on how to build a custom windows xp install disc. It would be pretty cool to make a combined disc that installed both ubuntu and xp in a dual boot system or even just one or the other if anyone is interested let me know


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