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Yo ganstas!!!

Well its 3 in the morning and I am one of the thousands maybe millions of people who are still awake and just cant stop stumbling and if u dont know what stumbling is, well then your in for a treat. First off if your not using firefox your a wienie get with the program and download that shit firefox dowload. (its for free anyway) once u get that done go to that add on page and look up stumble upon or if u already use firefox or even if your a wienie who uses ie7 u can actually download stumbleupon. The reason for this post is not about the awesomniess of stumbleupon but a website i cam across while using it, the sites called iPower and its a pretty awesome site. Its all about sticking it to the man which in this case is the major ISP companies of the world. check it out and let me know what you think and try to help out with there cause even its by pastin there link in your away message

well i think its times for another bowl pack good night


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